We are in a time which is challenging for a number of reasons. I believe the biggest challenge and question is, “How are we present to each other? How are we the body of Christ when we aren’t gathered physically together?”

And that is the question asked by many, if not all faith communities at this time. As communities and organizations come together, there has been an outpouring of shared resources made available.

Please check back regularly as items will continue to be posted. Also know that your help is needed at this time! If you know of a way to connect with people, or ensure people remain connected via twitter, instagram, online discussion forums, and any other number of ways to stay connected, please let us know! Email us!

New Information on 3/27/2020 ***

Resources for All

Netflix Party< A number of movies and documentaries to watch together with friends and families across town or across the state.

Apps for your iPad / Tablet or smartphone

Book of Common Prayer – Shane Clairborne et al. Provides prayer, song & Scripture 3 times a day. ***

Luther’s Small Catechism – ELCA et al. Quick and easily accessible review of Luther’s teachings. ***


Resources for YOUTH / Students / Families

Online Video of a bible story < These 3 minute videos provide a bible story told through the eyes of youth.

Illustrated Ministry < Free Coloring Pages. When you go to this website, you will add your email address and then have a new page(s) sent directly to you.

++ 4/14/2020 Illustrated Ministry pdfs have been removed from this site.  Please contact the church office for copies of the PDF, OR sign up above and have them emailed directly to you. 

Resources for ADULTS

A Video Series on the theme of UNAFRAID

A Video Series titled LIFE

Also, feel free to check out the coloring pages noted above!